Clare Paget appointed as Interim Executive Director, Legal and Governance

04 March, 2024

Clare Paget has been appointed as Interim Executive Director, Legal and Governance, from 4 March 2024. 

This is an important role for any regulator, and Clare brings the professionalism and pragmatism required to work within the constraints of often outdated legislation while acting in the interests of public protection and public interest. 

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, Clare has collective responsibility for leading the delivery of the strategic aims set by the Council. In addition, Clare will lead the delivery of the GDC’s legal and governance services, ensuring adherence to the legal framework that governs Council’s work and decision-making. 

Clare has been appointed to this interim role after a competitive internal recruitment exercise and the appointment is initially for six months to allow for permanent replacement of the role to be decided once the GDC’s new Chief Executive Officer is in place. 

Clare joined the GDC in March 2023 as Senior Counsel and Associate Director of the In-House Legal Advisory Service, after extensive experience in criminal law and regulatory bodies in healthcare and finance. 

Gurvinder Soomal, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, said:

“This is an important and timely appointment, especially as the international registration legislation changes take effect from 9 March and we are at the start of further legislative proposals to support provisional registration of overseas qualified dentists. I look forward to Clare bringing her knowledge and experience into the Executive Team as we define the system changes required to ensure public protection, which must be underpinned by a clear legal framework and transparent decision making.”

“I also thank Lisa Marie Williams for her significant work in transforming the GDC’s legal and governance functions and wish her well as she leaves the GDC.”