Dental Leadership Network focuses on developing the whole dental team

09 March, 2023
Leaders from across dentistry met to discuss the challenges facing the dental sector at our second Dental Leadership Network event, in London, on Thursday 9 March. 

Building on the success of last year’s Dental Leadership Network, the event at the Hallam Conference Centre brought together stakeholders, who participated in stimulating and interactive discussions and workshops with a wide range of representatives from across the sector.

The theme of the event was ‘Developing the Whole Dental Team’, which recognises and understands the diversity of teams and the different roles within them. 

There was strong representation from across the regulated professions, as well as a panel discussion, which provided an opportunity to hear a range of ideas about the work underway to develop the whole dental team, from the perspective of several of the professions and the important role of continuous learning and development.

GDC Chair, Lord Toby Harris, said: 

“The whole dental team have a vital role in delivering safe and effective oral healthcare to patients and the public. To do this well, it is essential that the whole dental team is supported and developed.

“The Dental Leadership Network plays a role in sharing information and building relationships to create a better understanding of everyone’s remit, priorities and shared challenges and in encouraging collaboration and ownership to address these shared challenges.”