Registration application fee changes, as we identify and eliminate further cross subsidy

24 October, 2022

Key to fulfilling our statutory role of maintaining patient safety and public confidence in dental services is ensuring those on our registers have the required skills, qualifications and professional characteristics. 

In recent years, between six and eight thousand dental professionals have joined the register each year for the first time, when they have each paid a one-off registration application fee to cover the costs relating to their application.

This fee was introduced to avoid these costs being met by those already on the register, in line with our aim of removing, wherever possible, cross subsidy between different groups of dental professionals. Or, put another way, we aim to allocate the costs of regulation, as far as possible, where they fall.

Since the introduction of the registration application fee three years ago, not only have costs increased but we have also identified costs which have continued to be met by those already on the register. To remove this ongoing cross subsidy and correctly recover the cost of processing registration applications, new fee levels have been set for January 2023 onwards.

The new fee levels are as follows:

Band Processing fee Assessment fee Total fee
Registration as a UK qualified:
• dentist
• dental care professional (DCP)
• DCP (additional titles)
Registration as a dentist:
• with a relevant diploma
• having passed the Overseas Registration Exam (ORE)
• with a recognised overseas diploma
£36.33£65.50 £102.83
Registration (requiring individual assessment) as a DCP with an overseas qualification£36.33£512.76£549.09
Registration (requiring individual assessment) of additional DCP title(s) with an overseas qualification£36.33£340.40 £376.73
Registration as a temporary dentist£36.33£66.50£102.83

* These fees will be updated on the registration application fee webpage in January 2023.