Greater development support options introduced for professionals with conditions and undertakings

16 September, 2021

Today we have announced changes to the way dental professionals in England with conditions or undertakings will arrange their development support. From 1 October 2021 professionals will have greater options and flexibility with regards to who provides their development support, which has historically only been available through Health Education England. 

Conditions or undertakings are applied in cases where there is a fitness to practise cause for concern and where it is proportionate to remedy the issue through a defined restriction, such as the completion of development work and supervision. 

We will provide guidance and signposting to organisations offering support, but professionals in England will now be in control of finding and selecting their own ‘development adviser’, which could be anyone who meets the minimum requirements, subject to our final approval. 

GDC Executive Director, Fitness to Practise, John Cullinane said: 

“Our aim is to ensure that those with conditions or undertakings are appropriately supported, to help get them back to unrestricted practice as soon as they are able, and we’re pleased to be able to provide this greater flexibility in how that support is arranged. As with any change, we want to know how it is working in practice so we are inviting all stakeholders their experience with us over the next six months.” 

On average, around four professionals each month in England are referred for conditions or undertakings. Further information can be found in our blog post from John Cullinane.