Annual registration report 2019

01 October, 2020
Annual registration report 2019

Today we published our first annual registration report detailing the registration of dentists and dental care professionals to provide a snapshot of register data as of 31 December 2019. This report supplements the data we previously provided in our Annual Reports and Accounts (ARA). Our new approach in publishing this data separately reflects our aim to streamline the GDC’s annual report.

The report provides statistics from our Registers, including the total number of dental professionals by title and the equality and diversity profile of the Registers. It also provides annual statistics relating to additions and removals, and the categories of those changes.

In analysis of the data, we identified an under-reporting of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) information by dental professionals and call on professionals to check if their data is complete.

GDC Head of Regulatory Intelligence, David Teeman, said: “Whether dental professionals choose to share this EDI data is entirely a decision for them. However, of course, the more complete our EDI data, the better able we are to identify, explore, understand and respond to potential issues that correlate with EDI across everything the GDC does. It is for this reason that we are going to be talking more about the importance of this over the coming months.”

You can download the Registration report 2019 from our website.