Renewals to the dental care professionals register - August 2020

12 August, 2020
Renewals to the dental care professionals register - August 2020

Following the completion of the 2020 dental care professional (DCP) annual renewal fee collection, there are now 68,871 DCPs on the register as of 4 August, which is a small increase on the equivalent figure for 2019.

This year, 4,562 people did not renew their registration, which is 6.6% of those on the register on 31 July, compared with an average of 6.5% over the preceding four years.

DCP ARF20162017201820192020
ARF payments received (by 31 July)65,06166,36267,67968,53968,751
Other registrations*16416312099120
Register count following removals**65,22566,52567,79968,63868,871
Removals as % of ARF payments received7.0%6.5%6.7%5.9%6.6%


It is encouraging to see that the overwhelming majority of DCPs have renewed their registration and plan to remain in their chosen profession. But we recognise that there continues to be significant uncertainty surrounding the resumption of the full range of dental services and the implications of that for the roles of dental professionals. We will continue to monitor and share the number of dental professionals on the register.



* The register numbers change daily. The register count includes ARF payments, restorations, Fitness to Practise retentions and new additions to the register (between 1 and 4 August for 2020).

** Register count in week following the renewal period (for 2020 this was 4 August).

*** Reasons for removal include voluntary removal, non-payment, retirement, and notifications of death.