Recommended CPD topics

It is important that you plan your CPD activity, ensuring it is relevant to your field(s) of practice and that it is contributing to our development outcomes(s).

To help and support you in your CPD choices, we have identified some CPD topics that will relate to many of you in your field(s) of practice. These topics and allocations are highly recommended:

  • Medical emergencies: at least 10 hours in each CPD cycle, and we recommend that you do at least two hours of this type of CPD activity every year.
  • Disinfection and decontamination: we recommend that you do at least five hours in each CPD cycle.
  • Radiography and radiation protection: if you undertake radiography, we recommend that you do at least five hours in each CPD cycle. If you are a dental technician, you can do CPD in materials and equipment, instead of radiography and radiation protection. We recommend at least five hours in each CPD cycle.

We also recommend that you keep your skills up to date by doing CPD in the following areas:

  • Legal and ethical issues.
  • Complaints handling.
  • Oral cancer: early detection.
  • Safeguarding children and young people.
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults.

These recommendations are made, because we believe regularly refreshing your knowledge and skills in these areas contributes to improved performance and patient safety.


Frequently asked questions

A ‘CPD statement’ is an annual statement of the number of CPD hours completed. It is also a declaration that the information provided is accurate and meets the requirements of the CPD scheme. At the end of a five-year CPD cycle, you will be asked to make an end-of-cycle CPD statement. 
When you make your CPD statement, you will be prompted to confirm:
• The number of CPD hours you have completed during the year, or if you have chosen not to complete any CPD during the year, please record zero-hours completed. 
• That you have read and understood the CPD requirements.
• That the hours recorded have been undertaken during this CPD year.
• That you have kept a ‘CPD record’ (see below), including a personal development plan (PDP).
• That the CPD undertaken (where applicable) was relevant to your field(s) of practice.
• That the information contained in your statement is full and accurate.
Please note, all of the above needs to be confirmed, to make a compliant CPD statement.  
A ‘CPD record’ includes all of the documentary evidence detailing the verifiable CPD you have undertaken. Your CPD record includes your personal development plan (PDP), your activity log (detailing the CPD you have completed) and your verifiable CPD evidence (e.g. certificates). It must also map your CPD activities to the relevant CPD development outcomes.
Your CPD record is yours. You will only need to provide us with your CPD record, if we specifically ask for it, for auditing purposes, for restoration to the Register, or if you are non-compliant with CPD requirements.  
Your CPD record should contain:
• A personal development plan (PDP) detailing the CPD you plan to undertake, the development outcome(s) you are aiming to meet and the timeframe for completing the CPD. Your PDP should be created at the start of your CPD cycle, and adapted throughout, as your needs change. 
• An activity log of the CPD you completed, including the date it was undertaken, the number of CPD hours gained from each activity, and any reflections you would like to record about the CPD completed.
• Evidence (e.g. certificates) that you completed verifiable CPD. 
Also be sure to map the development outcomes against all planned and completed CPD activity in your PDP, activity log and evidence (e.g. certificates).
The quickest and easiest way to make your annual or end of cycle CPD statement is by using your eGDC account. Please also note that your eGDC account will include personalised information on the number of CPD hours you will need to complete during your current CPD cycle.
Reasonable adjustments are available to registrants who might find using the online eGDC service difficult. If you require a reasonable adjustment to submit your annual or end-of-cycle CPD statement, please email the team.
We may have the need to audit your CPD. This can happen at any point in your CPD cycle and up to five years following the completion of a CPD cycle. Therefore, you must keep your CPD record (personal development plan (PDP), activity log and CPD evidence (e.g. certificates) and activity log) for five years, after completing each CPD cycle.