The Committees

Statutory Committees

A number of functions are carried out by Statutory Committees. These Committees are established by the Dentists Act 1984. They are also set out in the GDC Constitution of Committees Rules 2009.

The Statutory Committees are:

The Appointments Committee (otherwise known as Statutory Panellists Assurance Committee) was established to recruit and oversee the appointment of members to the GDC’s Statutory Committees and is an independent Committee of Council. It has delegated powers as set out under the GDC Constitution of Committee Rules 2009.

Standing Committees

The Council of the GDC is also assisted by Standing non-statutory Committees, to whom it delegates work.

A Standing Committee is a committee which is not enshrined in the Dentists Act but is a Committee of the Council populated by Council members. The Council has relative freedom in determining its own Standing Committees. The only thing it must do is to ensure that if any powers are delegated to the Standing Committees, these are set out in Rules.

The Council approved these Terms of Reference for the following Committees at the Council meeting held on 30 July 2020:

Working groups and boards

The Council can set up temporary working groups and boards to assist with aspects of its work.