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Evaluation of Remediation Support in UK Dentistry

Date: 08 October, 2015
The GDC commissioned this research to gain an understanding of the remediation services currently available for dental professionals in the UK.  A mixed method approach was conducted including a literature review, survey of suppliers of remediation support services and intervies with key informants.
The aims of the research were to identify the types of remediation support available, who accesses them and why, and how access is gained to these services. Additionally the research sought to explore how remediation services impact on the registrants using them, and the costs involved.
The research found there were a diverse range of remediation services available, mostly targeted at dentists though available to DCPs. Dentists generally access the services via self-referral or deanery-level referral, and the level and type of access and cost was highly variable across the UK.  The costs charged for remediation services for DCPs and dentists were the same and this could place a higher burden on lower paid DCPs and could discourage access and use of services. There was little evidence of routine  evaluation of remediation services in terms of outcomes for registrants.


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