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Patient Research into Direct Access

The GDC commissioned a research project as part of a programme of consultation with patients and the public on a proposed policy change: the introduction of Direct Access allowing patients to see a dental care professional (DCP) without having a prior consultation with a dentist.

Further research outputs


Scope of Practice review

Our overall aim for the Scope of Practice review is to provide as much flexibility to dental professionals as possible, ...

Dental professional awareness of the Standards for the Dental Team

The GDC’s ‘Standards for the Dental Team’ was published on 30 September 2013, replacing the previous standards document ‘Standards for ...

Benefits and Risks of Direct Access to Treatment by Dental Care Professionals: A Rapid Evidence Review

The GDC commissioned a literature review as part of a wider body of research on a proposed policy change: the ...

Patient and Public Attitudes to Standards for Dental Professionals, Ethical Guidance and Use of the Term Doctor

The GDC is currently reviewing the Standards for Dental Professionals. As part of this review, it commissioned exploratory research among ...