Review of a decision - Rule 9 review

What is a Rule 9 review?

This process allows you to challenge the way in which a decision has been made.  It looks at whether the original decision-maker correctly applied the law and followed the right procedures.  It is not an opportunity for the same concern to be presented to a new decision-maker, with a view to obtaining a different decision.  It is referred to as a 'Rule 9 review' because the authority to conduct this process comes from Rule 9 of the General Dental Council (Fitness to Practise) Rules 2006 (as amended).

What decisions can be reviewed?

  • A decision by the registrar not to refer a concern (or part of a concern) to the case examiners, i.e. a decision that the concern (or part) does not amount to an allegation and to close the case with no further action.
  • A decision by the case examiners/Investigating Committee that an allegation referred to them ought not to be considered by a Practice Committee (i.e. that a case is closed with no further action, advice to the registrant, or a warning).

Who can ask for a review?

A request for a review can be made by:

  • The person who raised the concern or allegation

  • The subject registrant

  • The registrar

  • Any other person who, in the opinion of the registrar, has an interest in the decision to close the case 

Further information about a Rule 9 review:

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