Learning outcomes review process

The GDC’s learning outcomes for dental team registration are contained in the document Preparing for practice, first published in 2011 and revised in 2015.
The learning outcomes reflect the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours a registrant must have to practise safely, effectively and professionally. All dental education and training should produce an individual who can demonstrate that they have met the required learning outcomes and are safe and fit to practice independently.
From September 2019 we are launching a process to regularly review the learning outcomes needed for registration. Using this process, we will commence the revision of the learning outcomes in 2020.
Under the new process, we will review the overall learning outcomes framework every three to four years, to ensure it remains fit for purpose. Within that cycle, we may also make changes to specific learning outcomes, to address significant public safety concerns or where it will not require structural changes to programmes.
To inform any proposed changes, we will gather evidence on the performance of the learning outcomes, whilst analysing the current and future state of dentistry and national oral health need. Any proposed changes will then be developed with the assistance of an expert reference group. 
Our guidance document, The learning outcomes review process, provides further information about the new process.