Fitness to Practise panel

Fitness to Practise panel members

​Membership of the GDC's Statutory Committees which make decisions on dental professionals' fitness to practise is drawn from an independent pool of dental professionals and lay people called the Fitness to Practise Panel. These panellists can sit as members of Interim Orders, Professional Conduct, Professional Performance, Health or Registration Appeals Committees.

The role Fitness to Practise panel members play during a hearing

This video explains the part our independently appointed fitness to practise panel members play in our hearings process and how this challenging role makes a difference to patients and dental professionals in providing proportionate and fair regulation of the dental profession.

The Fitness to Practise panel is made up of dentists, lay people and dental care professionals (DCPs).

Dentist FtP panel member

Christopher Roberts

Chris Roberts graduated from the University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff in 2002. Following graduation he has held a ...

Dentist FtP panel member

Claire Lawson

Claire works in North Yorkshire as a principal in her own practice and also works in Newcastle Dental Hospital as ...

DCP FtP panel member

Clare Howe

Clare Howe has worked with her husband and a small team in their private dental practice in the Cotswolds since ...

Lay FtP panel member

Clive Chalk

​[Member of the Interim Orders Committee pilot from 01.10.2018]

Clive Chalk is a former police officer who until taking retirement ...

Lay FtP panel member

Clive Powell

Clive Powell JP QDR was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 1986 and has been engaged in professional ...

Lay FtP panel member

Colin Youngson

Colin Youngson was a government statistician for almost 30 years, culminating in being chief statistical adviser to the Ministry of ...

Lay FtP panel member

Corinna Kershaw

Corinna is a former administrator, librarian and local councillor, and has held a variety of voluntary roles in education and ...

DCP FtP panel member

Corinne Shippey

Corinne Shippey qualified with distinction as a dental nurse in 1996. She trained at West Kent College in Tonbridge in ...

Lay FtP panel member

David Wood

David Wood served as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Service for 31 years, investigating, or leading teams and ...