Undertakings and the Case Review Team

If you have been offered undertakings by the case examiners you may find it helpful to consult our Undertakings FAQs.

If you have agreed undertakings with the case examiners, your registration will depend on you complying with them.

The role of the Case Review Team (CRT) is to monitor your compliance with your undertakings for however long they are. Shortly after you have agreed your undertakings, a CRT officer will write to you and your legal representatives regarding compliance with the undertakings. If you are represented, your defence organisation/solicitor may assist you with making the relevant arrangements.

If you are unrepresented, you may find the  Information guide for unrepresented registrants useful.

The responsibility for complying with the undertakings is yours. However, the CRT will assist you by providing deadlines and a point of contact if you have queries, particularly if you do not have the support of a defence organisation.

If you breach your undertakings, the CRT will notify the case examiners who may review your case and either vary the undertakings or refer you to a Practice Committee.

Case examiners usually issue undertakings from the Undertakings Bank but can also issue bespoke undertakings to registrants, tailored to their specific circumstances.

If your registration is subject to undertakings, you may find it useful to consult our Glossary of terms.

If any of your undertakings apply at any time you provide dental services, you must make the arrangements to comply with the undertakings before going back to work.

The Case Review Team cannot and does not interpret undertakings: they are agreed with the case examiners and will be reviewed by the case examiners.

If you cannot comply with an undertaking, please contact the CRT officer as soon as possible to discuss this further. Only the case examiners can vary the undertakings on your registration so an early review may be necessary.

Case examiners can require that a person or persons should be nominated by a registrant for the roles of workplace supervisor (for cases where there are clinical concerns), a reporter and a medical supervisor (health related concerns). Anyone nominated for these roles must be approved by the GDC. Our document on the approval of roles for conditional and undertakings cases is intended to provide guidance to external parties on the approval process.

Occasionally, you may notice information on our online register relating to undertakings which is marked "private". Material marked private is non-disclosable except to the registrant. This is because it relates to their mental or physical health or matters relating to their private and family life. For more information, please see our disclosure and publication policy.