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Capacity of the ORE

07 February, 2024

Demand for the exam has historically outstripped supply. The relatively low pass rate, of approximately 50%, contributes to this. Candidates may attempt each part a maximum of 4 times. 

The exam was suspended during the pandemic to comply with infection control measures that were put in place. This has also contributed to current demand levels. 

Capacity for the ORE in 2023 was: 

  • Part 1: 800 places across 2 sittings 
  • Part 2: 432 places across 3 sittings 

Not all available places were filled in 2023. 

Capacity in 2024 is: 

  • Part 1: 1200 places across 2 sittings 
  • Part 2: 576 places across 4 sittings 

This represents a tripling of the capacity of Part 1, and an additional sitting of 144 places for Part 2, when compared with pre-pandemic levels.