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Managing requests from candidates to sit the ORE

07 February, 2024

We hold and maintain candidate lists for both parts of the ORE. Dentists with suitable qualifications must apply to the GDC to check their eligibility to sit the ORE. Once we have completed those eligibility checks the individual is placed onto the candidate list for Part 1.

The length of time taken to get onto the candidate list is mainly affected by the completeness of the application and the length of time taken for references to come back.

Upon passing Part 1, they are added to the candidate list for Part 2.

The candidate lists as of 1 February 2024 are as follows: 

  • Part 1: 1808 
  • Part 2: 672 

Applications can be made at any point during the year, so these figures are a snapshot. Sometimes sittings of the exam take place with places still unfilled, indicating that the fact that someone has applied to sit the exam does not necessarily mean that they are actively seeking to book a place.