Registration as a dental care professional for individuals with a formal qualification from overseas

​The information on this page is only relevant to you if:

  • you have never been registered with the GDC before, and
  • you hold a dental care professional qualification from overseas.

How do I apply for registration?

As a dental care professional (DCP) holding a DCP qualification from overseas, you can apply for assessment. If your assessment is successful you will be eligible for registration. You will need to complete an assessment application form and ensure you have all the additional documents we need.

Requesting an assessment application form

You can request an assessment application form online via eGDC by selecting ‘Apply to register’. Please note, you will be asked to complete the route to registration questionnaire. Once you have submitted this, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your proforma. Please allow 10 working days for us to assess your details. The proforma is not an application form.

The information submitted will be reviewed and you will be notified by email of the appropriate application form and guidance you need to submit to apply to register with the GDC. The application pack contains further details about the information you are expected to provide with your application.

For more information regarding the assessment process, read our FAQs below.

Who can translate my documents into English?

Any documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation into English. The translation must be made by a qualified translator and have been translated directly from its original language into English. The translation must also contain the translator’s signature, printed name and full postal address.

What documents will I need to send with my application?

It is advisable that you do not compile any documentation until you have received your application pack and read through all of its contents. Along with your completed application form, you will need to send:

  • a completed learning outcomes form relevant to your DCP title (this will be issued with your application pack);
  • a certified copy of your valid passport clearly showing your photograph and personal details as well as the expiry date of the document;
  • a passport sized photograph of yourself that has been signed on the back by your character referee;
  • a certified copy of your qualification certificate;
  • a certificate of current professional standing, otherwise known as a certificate of good standing;
  • a certified copy of the syllabus from the course you were studying;
  • a certified copy of the transcript of marks for your course;
  • references from colleagues and employers referring to your experience and knowledge as a dental care professional;
  • evidence of any relevant postgraduate qualifications;
  • evidence of any relevant training courses or CPD;
  • a certified copy of your change of name document, if necessary;
  • translations of documents which are not issued in English;
  • one photocopy of your whole application.
  • evidence that you have the required English language standard necessary for registration. Details on the requirements can be found in our English language controls guidance.

    The application pack contains detailed guidance for the information required with your application. Incomplete applications will be closed and returned without assessment.

    The 'Preparing for Practice' curricula found here details the learning outcome requirements for Dental Care Professionals (DCP) in the UK. These learning outcomes are used in the assessment of overseas qualified DCP applicants wishing to apply for registration.

    It is an offence under section 39 of the Dentists Act 1984 (as amended) to use a DCP title without being registered with the GDC.