Should I raise a concern?

Dental professionals and practices will have a procedure for dealing with feedback and concerns raised. You can find out more about the principles of good feedback and complaints handling in the practice on our website.

The GDC can look into serious concerns about the ability, health or behaviour of a dental professional that suggest the professional could:

  • Cause significant harm to patients.
  • Cause significant harm to colleagues or the general public.
  • Undermine public confidence in the dental profession.

Some common examples include serious or repeated mistakes in patient care, fraud, discrimination and any serious criminal offences or convictions.

If you have a concern about a dental professional that might not be serious enough for the GDC to investigate, we suggest raising it with the professional themselves, or with the NHS (if the treatment was provided through the NHS).

Other organisations may also be able to assist with issues outside of the GDC's power to investigate.