Raising a concern about NHS treatment

If you have a concern about the way in which your treatment or service was carried out, you can raise this with the practice to see if you can resolve the problem or NHS in the first instance (but not both).

It is usually best to tell the practice directly that you're unhappy, and give them a chance to put things right. They may be able to sort out the problem there and then.

If you would rather not go directly to the practice, and your complaint is about NHS treatment, you can contact the NHS instead.

The NHS is responsible for handling complaints about NHS dental services.

​​​If you are not happy with the way in which your formal complaint was handled (either by the dental practice or the NHS) you can contact the Ombudsman in your area. The Ombudsman makes the final decision on complaints that have not been resolved by the practice or NHS.

If the problem is so serious that you think the dental professional could cause significant harm to patients, colleagues or the general public, or undermine public confidence in the dental profession, you can raise your concerns with us.