Witness advice

Your role as a witness at a fitness to practise hearing is vital. It gives the practice committee a first-hand account of what happened in the case they are considering.

We understand that giving evidence may be a new experience for you, so we aim to answer any questions that you may have about the hearing in our witness information guide here. You can also download our Commitee decision making guide which outlines the stages our commitees go through.

Our website also contains information about how your witness support officer can help.

We want to make sure that all our services are accessible to everyone. If you would like a copy of this guide in a different format (for example, large print or audio) or in a language other than English, please contact us.

The role a witness plays during a GDC hearing

This video aims to support those witnesses or dental professionals involved in a GDC hearing throughout the different stages of the process.

Where do hearings take place?

Hearings are primarily held at the General Dental Council’s head office, at 37 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8DQ.

Google maps  GDC offices

Occasionally we may hold Hearings in other venues, we will let you know where you will need to go before the hearing.

Additional support

As part of our ongoing commitment to health and wellbeing, we aim to identify those who may require additional support during the fitness to practise process. The support required may vary at each stage of the fitness to practise process, and we will therefore review what additional support may be required as the case progresses.

Please do let your GDC contact know if you feel that there is any additional assistance we can provide. We will keep information relating to health and wellbeing confidential in line with data protection legislation.

Such information may be shared with other organisations who can offer support, but we will discuss this with you first before doing so.

Witnesses and informants should be aware that in limited circumstances the GDC may need to disclose information to the registrant facing fitness to practise proceedings. If you have any questions about that then please raise them with your GDC contact.

Registrants will appreciate that if there are any concerns about their health and wellbeing that may put patients at risk, the information may be used in fitness to practise proceedings.