Suspension or conditions

If your registration has been suspended or made conditional by either the Interim Orders Committee (IOC) or a Practice Committee (PC), you will be written to by the Case Review Team (CRT).

The role of the CRT is to monitor your compliance with the order. Shortly after the hearing, a CRT officer will write to you and your legal representatives regarding compliance with the order. If you are represented, your defence organisation/solicitor may assist you with making the relevant arrangements.

If you are not represented, you may find the Information Guide for Unrepresented Registrants (216.9 KB, PDF) useful.

The responsibility for complying with the order is yours but the CRT will assist you by providing deadlines and a point of contact if you have queries, particularly if you do not have the support of a defence organisation.

If the order is breached, the CRT will notify the lawyer dealing with your case. The lawyer may request an early review of your case.

If your order is subject to a review, you will receive a Notice of Hearing from our solicitors in due course detailing arrangements for the next review hearing.

Interim orders

‚ÄčIf the order for conditions or suspension is an interim order, you will carry on liaising about your case with:

  • the fitness to practise (FtP) Caseworker, about your referral to the Case Examiners or Investigating Committee

  • the in-house legal prosecution Paralegal about the Interim Orders Committee review hearings, or

  • the GDC lawyer, if your case is pending a substantive hearing.

Throughout the duration of the order, you will liaise with the CRT about your conditions or suspension.

Interim orders will be reviewed by the IOC every six months, or earlier in some specific circumstances.


If your case relates to your health, the CRT will send you an agreement form, which you should complete, sign and return. If applicable, pre-review expert reports and chemical testing arrangements will be made by the GDC's solicitors. You will need to make arrangements for all other reports/testing as directed by the order or your defence solicitor.

The financial responsibility for paying for testing during the course of your order will lie with you unless the panel have expressly stated otherwise. Any testing carried out at the end of the order for review purposes will be paid for by the GDC.


If you are suspended, you must not practise dentistry. To do so would be illegal practice. You also cannot profit from dentistry, unless the suspension is solely on the grounds of health and has been determined by a Practice Committee. If the determination includes recommendations, you should send evidence of your compliance with the recommendations to the CRT.


Committees usually issue conditions from the GDC's IOC Conditions Bank (57.1 KB, PDF) or the PC Conditions Bank (445.3 KB, PDF) but can also issue bespoke conditions to registrants, tailored to their specific circumstances.

If your registration is subject to conditions, you may find it useful to consult our GDC Glossary of Terms (445.5 KB, PDF).

The CRT will send you a form confirming that you are aware that your registration is subject to conditions and that you agree to comply with them. You should sign, date and return this form within 14 days.

If any of your conditions apply at any time you provide dental services you must make the arrangements to comply with the conditions before going back to work.

Immediate orders

If you have received an immediate order for conditions, you are required to comply with the conditions as soon as the order has been served on you. This will either be the date of the hearing if you were present or represented or two working days after the date that the determination has been sent to you.

The Case Review Team cannot and does not interpret orders: orders are handed down by the panels and will be reviewed by panels.

If you cannot comply with a condition, please contact the CRT officer as soon as possible to discuss this further. Only a panel can vary the conditions on your registration so an early review hearing may be necessary. Please note that if there is a variation, it will not become effective until the 28 day appeal period has passed and you may need to make arrangements accordingly.

Your contact details

Please ensure that you keep the GDC informed of any change to your address or other contact details as the CRT will need to be able to contact you during your period of conditions/suspension. In addition, any hearing notices must be sent to your registered address.

Voluntary removal

If you have ceased to practise, no longer intend to do so and wish to have your name removed from the register, please contact your CRT officer who can explain the voluntary removal process to you.

Contact us

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