How to obtain a refund

The GDC cannot provide any legal advice. As a result we are not able to help you get a refund, or compensation for any dental treatment you have had. However, if you are:

  • unhappy with the treatment that you received, 
  • you are seeking a full or partial refund,
  • or you feel you are entitled to compensation,

this information might help you.​

How can I get a refund? 

Speak to the dental practice/dental professional providing the treatment

If you are unhappy with the treatment you have received, it is usually best to:

  • speak directly to the dental professional concerned, or the practice that provided the treatment
  • explain why you are unhappy with the treatment
  • state how you would like the matter resolved

This gives the dental professional the opportunity to review your concerns and work with you to reach an amicable resolution.

For private treatment, contact the Dental Complaints Service

If you are unhappy with private treatment that you have paid for, and are seeking a full or partial refund, contact the​ Dental Complaints Service. They may be able to assist you in seeking a full or partial refund of fees in relation to any failed treatment. 

In order for the Dental Complaints Service to be able to assist you fully:

  • you will need to contact the dental professional who provided the private treatment to try and resolve the matter in the first instance.

The Dental Complaints Service can provide advice and guidance in doing this

For health service (NHS) treatment, contact the health service

If you are seeking a refund for charges you paid towards health service treatment, you should follow the process for the health service in your area.

For more information on this, you can contact the health service in your area:

​How can I get compensation?

If you are unhappy with your dental treatment and you are seeking compensation, we would advise you to write to your dental professional detailing your concerns.​

If you are unable to resolve the matter directly with your dental professional, you may wish to seek independent legal advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau

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