Information for employers

Whether you employ dental professionals directly or through NHS contracts they should be registered with the GDC before they work in the UK.

GDC checks on dentists' declarations

We are happy to co-operate with PCTs, LHBs and others who are required to verify declarations made by dentists who are on dental lists or are applying to join dental lists.

Dentists applying to join lists (including supplementary lists)

We are not able to process bulk requests for verification. We understand that primary care organisations are required to verify dentists' declarations in all cases. We aim to respond within five working days of receipt.

What we need

Because we are being asked to share personal or private data about our registrants, we need to see a copy of the dentist's consent for us to disclose the information.

We can process applications more quickly if it contains at least the following, or words to the same effect:-

'I consent to a request being made by the Primary Care Trust to …[the GDC or any ….regulatory …body in the United Kingdom or elsewhere,] for information relating to a current investigation or an investigation where the outcome was adverse, by them into my professional conduct and to the disclosure of such information to the Primary Care Trust by [the body in question OR the GDC].'

The consent also needs to include:

  • A signature, which should be an original or be validated by the requesting authority.
  • Full name of the dental professional.
  • GDC registration number.
  • Date on which the consent form was signed.

Please contact us for more information.