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Recruiting inspectors (education associates)

15 December, 2022

Our inspectors (also known as education associates) are essential for the effective delivery of the education quality assurance function. They comprise a team of registrant and non-registrant experts with extensive relevant experience. Inspectors are normally recruited for a 3-year period. In early 2022 we advertised to renew our cohort of inspectors. Appointments were made in July 2022 with contracts commencing in November 2022. 

There was significant interest in the role, and we received over 350 applications. We recruited 57 inspectors in total. These represent different disciplines to ensure that we have appropriate expertise proportionate to the expected volume of quality assurance activity. The breakdown by discipline is shown in the table below: -


Category of InspectorNumber recruited
General Dentist11
Specialist Dentist12
Dental Nurse5
Dental Technician3
Orthodontic Therapist2
Clinical Dental Technician2

Of the 57 inspectors, 23 had previously been inspectors who had their contracts renewed, 34 were new inspectors.