​Facts and figures

We regularly produce facts and figures about our work.

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Annual reports

Annual reports contain information about:

  • Registers:  e.g. number and type of registrants, whether new registrants qualified overseas or in the UK.
  • Fitness to practise and hearings: e.g. numbers of complaints, sources, themes of complaint at hearings
  • Finance 

Performance reports to Council

Council meetings receive a quarterly report detailing the GDC's performance. This includes information about:

  • Registers: e.g. how many dental professionals have joined or left the registers, whether new registrants qualified overseas or in the UK
  • Quality assurance: e.g. how many education inspections we have carried out
  • Fitness to practise and hearings: e.g. volume of cases/hearings
  • Dental Complaints Service: e.g. numbers of complaints received and resolved.

Performance reports can be downloaded from Council meeting papers for ​2016, 2015, 2014 and 2​​013,​ or you can search the website for “performance reports” to find the reports for the periods which interest you. 

Registrant reports

We run these reports on the first Monday of every month. They show:

  • Total number of registrants
  • Types of registrants - including breakdown by England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by the registered address
  • Numbers of dentists on specialist lists.​

Research and consultations

You may also find useful information in the research we have carried out.​​​​​​​

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