Our strategic plan for the next three years: your views



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Reasons for consulting

05 July, 2022

Developing our strategic plan is the means by which we set the goals and medium-term objectives for the GDC and for the professional regulation of dental professionals. We review the strategy every three years to make sure that the GDC focuses its activities most appropriately to deliver its statutory objectives and adapts and responds to the changing environment in which dental healthcare is delivered in the UK.

Our strategy is strengthened by scrutiny from all those with an interest in ensuring that dentistry across the four nations of the UK continues to be delivered to a high standard and that patients can be confident in the quality of care they receive and in the professionalism of those who provide it. This consultation provides an opportunity to help shape GDC’s strategy for the next three years and we welcome and encourage responses to it.

We also have a policy on how we set our fees, which we consulted upon and agreed in 2019. As well as describing the approach we take to setting fees, it explains how we will consult in relation to our expenditure plans. Under this policy, we have committed to consulting every three years on our high-level objectives and associated expenditure plans which are included in our draft strategic plan.

We explain the relationship between our regulatory activity by strategic aim, and the fees that we charge. For each strategic aim, we describe its high-level objective, what we will do, and the costs associated with each aim. When the strategic plan is agreed, we will publish our Costed Corporate Plan that describes the programmes of activity, with timescales, required to deliver each aim. The Costed Corporate Plan covers a three-year rolling basis, and we provide an annual update of our progress against it.