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Our values and foundations

05 July, 2022

We are consulting on revised strategic aims and high-level objectives which will set the context and direction for our work in the coming strategic planning period. They update and refine our current aims and objectives but do not fundamentally change them.

Our long-term strategic ambition remains to move towards a model of public protection focused more on the prevention of harm, and depending less on responding to the consequences of it.

As a result, the foundations of our strategic plan are staying the same, although we are making some of the underpinning strategies clearer and integrating them into our strategy.

Our purpose is public protection. That purpose is primarily achieved through the actions of dental professionals in delivering patient care to high clinical and ethical standards. We support their professionalism but are ready to intervene when those standards are not met.

We will continue to develop our policies and design our operational processes in line with the principles of right-touch regulation, to ensure that we are proportionate, consistent, targeted, transparent, accountable, and agile in all that we do.

Our values remain unchanged.

Our values

When working to realise this vision, the organisational values that guide how we operate are:

  • Fairness – we treat everyone we deal with fairly.
  • Transparency – we are open about how we work and how we reach decisions.
  • Responsiveness – we listen, and we adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Respect – we treat everyone with respect.

Underpinning strategies

Underpinning the strategy are several supporting strategies that contribute to the achievement of our strategic aims. Once we have consulted upon and agreed this strategic plan, we will revisit these strategies to ensure they are fully aligned with our new Corporate Strategy. These strategies are described below.

Effectiveness of the GDC

Our approach to ensuring the GDC has the staff, systems and processes to improve our performance and support achievement of our strategic aims and objectives.

Preventative regulation (formerly known as upstream regulation)

Our approach to moving effort towards prevention of harm through our regulatory functions and processes, use of data, research and intelligence and work with our stakeholders.

Communications and engagement

Our approach to supporting understanding of our role in the dental sector, our priorities, and where appropriate, involving the people affected by our work in the development of our regulatory functions and processes.

Evidence: data and research

Two strategies:

  • The first for our approach, within the context of our legal obligations, to use the data we hold effectively.
  • The second, for our approach to research and evaluation to inform our regulatory functions and processes and improvements to our performance.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our objectives to foster equality, diversity and inclusion inside our organisation, with the sector we regulate, and with the public.