Moving upstream

At the heart of our vision for Shifting the balance is the idea that regulation will get the best results for the public, and be the fairest for the profession, if it focuses on actions and activities that secure public safety and confidence, before things go wrong. We call this moving upstream.

In our response following the Shifting the balance consultation in late 2017, we made a number of commitments to help us achieve this vision. One of these was to share and promote learning across the profession using a range of resources, such as a 'state of the nation' report.

Moving Upstream, published on 30 January 2019, is the first edition of an annual publication that looks to address this commitment. It looks at the progress we have made in enabling and supporting the transformation of dental regulation, set against the backdrop of the emerging issues and challenges facing both us and the profession.

Moving Upstream looks at the progress that is being made in a number of areas including:

  • Promoting professionalism
  • Enhanced CPD
  • Delivering safe, well-rounded professionals into practice
  • First-tier complaints resolution
  • Working with partners
  • Refocusing fitness to practise

It also addresses several of the challenges facing the profession, including Brexit and ending the 'climate of fear'.

Finally, the report includes a summary of the GDC's Business Plan 2019, which includes our priorities and the key projects we aim to complete in 2019.

In addition to our Moving Upstream publication we have produced a data supplement which provides analysis of the following data sets:

  • The GDC's Registers of dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs) operating in the UK
  • Student places (past and present) obtained from the UK's 16 dental schools

Moving Upstream c​onference

​The Moving Upstream report was supported by a conference in January 2019, attended by around 150 delegates from across the dental sector.

Following the conference, we asked attendees to reflect on the events of the day and share their thoughts.