Moving upstream

At the heart of our vision for Shifting the balance is the idea that regulation will get the best results for the public, and be the fairest for the profession, if it focuses on actions and activities that secure public safety and confidence, before things go wrong. We call this moving upstream.

In our response following the Shifting the balance consultation in late 2017, we made a number of commitments to help us achieve this vision. One of these was to share and promote learning across the profession using a range of resources, such as a 'state of the nation' report. The Moving upstream report looks to address this commitment.

The first edition of the Moving upstream report was published on 30 January 2019 and looked at the progress we had made in enabling and supporting the transformation of dental regulation, set against the backdrop of the emerging issues and challenges facing both us and the profession.

We published the second edition of the Moving upstream report on 5 February 2020, which provides an update on the progress made against our Shifting the balance commitments, and highlights our move towards meeting the objectives of our new Corporate Strategy 2020-2022: Right time, right place, right touch and Costed Corporate Plan 2020.

As we bring our Shifting the balance work programme to a close and move into the next stage of our work to reform dental regulation, much progress has been made and we are well prepared to move on to an ever more ambitious programme of work. 
The environment in which we operate is constantly evolving and we need to evolve with it, to face the new challenges and opportunities presented to us. These include challenges such as the vote to exit the European Union with its associated implications for workforce and regulatory changes, the introduction of new technologies and innovations in how services are delivered and contract reform, to name but a few.
Our new Corporate Strategy 2020-2022: Right time, right place, right touch and the associated Costed Corporate Plan 2020, gives a more comprehensive account of our planned activities and how we will address the challenges facing us. 

From next year we will be reporting on progress made against the Costed Corporate Plan 2020 and this therefore will be the final Moving upstream report.