Standards for the Dental Team

This guidance came into effect on Monday 30 September 2013.

A copy of Standards for the Dental Team has been sent in the post to everyone on our register but you are also able to download a copy:

Standards for the Dental Team (279KB, PDF)

Printer friendly version

You can download and print the Standards in a compressed 16 page layout, in colour or in black or white.

Standards for the Dental Team - Printer friendly, colour.pdfStandards for the Dental Team - Colour (434KB, PDF)
Standards for the Dental Team - Printer friendly, black and white.pdfStandards for the Dental Team - Black and white (432KB, PDF)


Supporting guidance

Standards for the Dental Team is supplemented by the following additional guidance, which all registrants must also follow:

Guidance on advertising.pdfGuidance on advertising (5.5MB, PDF)
Guidance on commissioning and manufacturing dental appliances.pdfGuidance on commissioning and manufacturing dental appliances (515KB, PDF)
Guidance on indemnity.pdfGuidance on indemnity (5.46MB, PDF)
Guidance on prescribing medicines (246KB, PDF)
Guidance on reporting criminal convictions.pdfGuidance on reporting criminal proceedings (496KB, PDF)
Guidance on using social media.pdfGuidance on using social media (496KB, PDF)
Guidance on child protection and vulnerable adults (5.46MB, PDF)
Scope of Practice (69KB, PDF)

Displaying information for patients

One of the new requirements in Standards for the Dental Team (6.6.11) requires those who manage a team to display the following information in an area where it can be seen easily by patients:

  • the fact that they are regulated by the GDC; and
  • the nine principles contained within Standards for the Dental Team.

You are able to create your own poster displaying this information, or you can download one of these:

GDC Standards Poster.pdfGDC Standards poster (34.3KB, PDF)
GDC Standards Poster Welsh.pdfGDC Standards poster (Welsh) (51.3KB, PDF)

Presentation on Standards for the Dental Team

We have also created a presentation that you are able to use to update your teams on the development of and principle changes in Standards for the Dental Team, and what they mean to you as a dental professional.

 Presentation on Standards for the Dental Team (2.43MB, PPSX)