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Hearings & appeals list

Hearings and appeals list

In the table below you can see upcoming, current, and past hearings. Registration and continuing professional development appeals are also listed.

Click on a hearing to find out more information about it. You can filter the lists by hovering over the name of the column you want to filter by, clicking on the arrow when it appears, and selecting the item you are looking for.

Erasures, suspensions and conditions normally take effect 28 days after the date of the hearing. For the current registration status of a dental professional, please check our online Registers.

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Upcoming hearings

15/09/2014SMITH, Nigel James59760DentistPerformance
12/09/2014WEST, Emma Louise159976Dental nurseConviction
10/09/2014JOHNSTON, Ian Murray56033DentistConduct
09/09/2014MCKEE, Jenna162027Dental nurseConviction
09/09/2014MAGSON, Philip50733DentistConduct
09/09/2014DHILLON, Amraj193165DentistConduct

Past hearings

01/09/2014GLOVER, George Robert68811ConductTo be confirmed
01/09/2014DIMITROVA, Maria Hristova191526PerformanceTo be confirmed
01/09/2014MARTINEZ, Raul104735ConductTo be confirmed
29/08/2014HAGAN, Emma Michelle145206CPD AppealAppeal granted
28/08/2014OGILVIE, Eilidh Catriona67719Interim OrdersSuspended
28/08/2014MAIER, Elisabeth Dagmar Maria102207Interim OrdersSuspended
28/08/2014SIMPSON, Robert Kilpatrick53195CPD AppealAppeal dismissed
28/08/2014WHYTE, Mairin145249CPD AppealAppeal dismissed
27/08/2014PAKENIENE, Vitalija Irena175264Interim OrdersSuspended
27/08/2014OPIE, Meha Surendra78182Interim OrdersConditions
26/08/2014DYNOWSKI, Wieslaw Witold120472ConductTo be confirmed
26/08/2014ANDREOU, Andreas Nicholas73522ConvictionPostponed
26/08/2014MACIEJEWSKA, Barbara100048ConductTo be confirmed
26/08/2014ESTRELA MARTINEZ, Alberto197123ConductSuspended
22/08/2014CONSTANTINE HAJIVASSILIOU, Evangelia62058ConductConditions
22/08/2014DOBSON, Robert Andrew56095Interim OrdersNo order
22/08/2014GONZALEZ PORTILLO, Ana187238Interim OrdersConditions
22/08/2014TAYLOR, Lorna Jane43687Interim OrdersNo order
22/08/2014TODOROVA, Stefana156779Interim OrdersNo order
21/08/2014D'MELLO, Desmond Jude51503Interim OrdersSuspended
21/08/2014BIRNIE, Robert George57611Interim OrdersNo order
20/08/2014PATEL, Jessica103237ConductConditions
20/08/2014POTTER, Jeremy Michael46981Interim OrdersNo order
19/08/2014MICKLE, Leanne149352Interim OrdersSuspended
18/08/2014LIMBU, Dinu246153Interim OrdersSuspended
18/08/2014ZAMAN, Muzzafar Hussain64163Interim OrdersNo order
14/08/2014MACAREAG, Ressie112287Interim OrdersSuspended
14/08/2014FARR, Andrew Michael115394Interim OrdersNo order
13/08/2014HAGE, Marketa67975Interim OrdersNo order
12/08/2014SANDERSON, Monica Karen56878Interim OrdersNo order
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