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Hearings & appeals list

Hearings and appeals list

In the table below you can see upcoming, current, and past hearings. Registration and continuing professional development appeals are also listed.

Click on a hearing to find out more information about it. You can filter the lists by hovering over the name of the column you want to filter by, clicking on the arrow when it appears, and selecting the item you are looking for.

Erasures, suspensions and conditions normally take effect 28 days after the date of the hearing. For the current registration status of a dental professional, please check our online Registers.

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Upcoming hearings

11/08/2014GLOVER, George Robert68811DentistConduct
11/08/2014ALMASI, Iraj72900DentistConduct
08/08/2014MURPHY, Philip Martin 51001DentistConduct
04/08/2014LEANDRU, Tudor Mihai197938DentistConduct
04/08/2014OSCROFT, Henry John52361DentistConduct
04/08/2014SPENCE, James54588DentistConduct
04/08/2014PATEL, Rahul Kash177804DentistConduct
30/07/2014WILBY, Andrew Rae162652DentistConduct

Past hearings

30/07/2014WILBY, Andrew Rae162652ConductTo be confirmed
29/07/2014AL-NAHER, Zuhair Shamil Hassan59622ConductTo be confirmed
28/07/2014ZAMAN, Muzzafar Hussain  64163ConductTo be confirmed
28/07/2014CAMPBELL, George John63331ConductTo be confirmed
28/07/2014CARBINER, Leonardo Cave100021ConductTo be confirmed
28/07/2014DIVECHA, Dilen Maganlal185617ConductTo be confirmed
25/07/2014KWEYAMA, Bernice Lindiwe170853Interim OrdersSuspended
25/07/2014GHASSEMI, Shahriar83543Interim OrdersSuspended
25/07/2014THOMPSON, David 154715Interim OrdersSuspended
25/07/2014ROUSSOS, Ioannis63552Interim OrdersSuspended
24/07/2014MATUSZAK, Lukasz Julian210571Interim OrdersOrder revoked
24/07/2014ROSSOUW, Francois Jacobus56318ConductConditions
24/07/2014LAGRAVINESE, Giovanni216004Interim OrdersSuspended
23/07/2014POPE, Robin Maxwell  60620ConductErased
23/07/2014GHAVAMIKIA, Masoud73544ConductTo be confirmed
23/07/2014SMITH, Nigel James59760Interim OrdersSuspended
22/07/2014ANAND, Tapeshwar 76522Interim OrdersConditions
22/07/2014COWIE, James Charles66391Interim OrdersSuspended
22/07/2014ROBERTSON, Harry Gordon56798ConductErased
21/07/2014RADEKE, Jan Carsten75258ConductTo be confirmed
21/07/2014MAHMOOD, Namaila148755ConvictionSuspended
18/07/2014BRUCE, Andrew John66499Interim OrdersConditions
18/07/2014REEKS, Christopher James71684Interim OrdersNo order
18/07/2014HANJI, Kiran82266Interim OrdersNo order
17/07/2014ROSE, Cheryl Roma119308Interim OrdersNo order
17/07/2014BAPU, Raisha110944Interim OrdersSuspended
17/07/2014ROYSTON, Adele Louise140295Interim OrdersSuspended
17/07/2014PATEL, Manish 82162Interim OrdersNo order
16/07/2014SATTAR, Amaanula69091Interim OrdersConditions
16/07/2014PREMRAJH, Rajindra84372Interim OrdersNo order
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