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Hearings & appeals list

Hearings and appeals list

In the table below you can see upcoming, current, and past hearings. Registration and continuing professional development appeals are also listed.

Click on a hearing to find out more information about it. You can filter the lists by hovering over the name of the column you want to filter by, clicking on the arrow when it appears, and selecting the item you are looking for.

Erasures, suspensions and conditions normally take effect 28 days after the date of the hearing. For the current registration status of a dental professional, please check our online Registers.

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Upcoming hearings

12/01/2015JOBBINS, Marc William60439DentistConduct
12/01/2015HAMIDI, Kevin Kamaledin74042DentistConduct
06/01/2015RICHARDSON, Honor Elizabeth67449DentistConduct
22/12/2014IBORRA VICIANA, Maria Dolores  205487DentistConduct
22/12/2014VENTER, Jochemus Hermanus 68912DentistConviction

Past hearings

17/12/2014McCREA, Shane Joseph John53807Interim OrdersNo order
16/12/2014FINDLAY, Ronald Tod54160Interim OrdersConditions
15/12/2014BAMGBELU, Abiodun Olayinka69238ConductErased
15/12/2014CAMPBELL, George John63331ConductTo be confirmed
15/12/2014PIETERSE, Wilhelmus Johannes69263ConductTo be confirmed
15/12/2014MARTIN FUSTER, Ana Isabel124829ConductTo be confirmed
12/12/2014POURREZAEI AKHLAGHI, Ali Asghar102897Interim OrdersSuspended
12/12/2014SCHRODER, Bernhard105590Interim OrdersConditions
12/12/2014WALEWSKI, Mark Antoni51501Interim OrdersSuspended
12/12/2014MOODLEY, Claudia Merle84013Interim OrdersNo order
11/12/2014ISMAEL, Abdul Rezak74150ConductConditions
11/12/2014MORRISON, Alan MacDonald61112Interim OrdersConditions
11/12/2014VAN WYHE, Leonard81319Interim OrdersSuspended
11/12/2014WILKINSON, Simon154816Interim OrdersNo order
11/12/2014UNDERWOOD, Keith Derek55419Interim OrdersConditions
10/12/2014STOCKS, Daniel79435Interim OrdersSuspended
10/12/2014YILMAZ, Murat84530Interim OrdersSuspended
10/12/2014KANNMANN, Frank-Detlef145950Interim OrdersSuspended
10/12/2014RYAN, Derek38045Interim OrdersNo order
09/12/2014AMINI, Fereidon75460Interim OrdersConditions
09/12/2014BROWNE, Laurence Stephen113961Interim OrdersNo order
08/12/2014TURNBULL, Colin Robertson83141ConvictionNot impaired
08/12/2014KHAMOUSHI, Kayhan78420ConductTo be confirmed
08/12/2014SIHOTA, Onkar Singh67181ConductNo case to answer
08/12/2014BHAVSAR, Nilesh103209ConductConditions
08/12/2014JONES, Anna Leigh157132Interim OrdersSuspended
08/12/2014RAMOS DE OLIVEIRA MOLLER, Ana Lucia75074Interim OrdersSuspended
05/12/2014PATEL, Rikeshkumar Sumanchandra71367ConductOrder revoked
05/12/2014JANFADA BALOV, Karim73798ConductOrder revoked
04/12/2014AGHAEI, Khosrow75287ConvictionErased
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