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Hearings & appeals list

Hearings and appeals list

In the table below you can see upcoming, current, and past hearings. Registration and continuing professional development appeals are also listed.

Click on a hearing to find out more information about it. You can filter the lists by hovering over the name of the column you want to filter by, clicking on the arrow when it appears, and selecting the item you are looking for.

Erasures, suspensions and conditions normally take effect 28 days after the date of the hearing. For the current registration status of a dental professional, please check our online Registers.

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Upcoming hearings

01/10/2014CHANCE, Elizabeth Jane137365Dental nurseConduct
30/09/2014TAN, Jonathan Fu Njan75185DentistConduct
29/09/2014GALATAS, Spyridon82640DentistConduct
29/09/2014KAMALWAND, Negin164112DentistPerformance
29/09/2014PATEL, Manish82162DentistConduct
22/09/2014CHARLESWORTH, Simon Dean61992DentistConduct
22/09/2014LAMEY, Philip-John51187DentistConduct
22/09/2014ATLAS, Boris85404DentistConduct
22/09/2014MURGAI, Gulshan Kumar79910DentistConduct

Past hearings

22/09/2014CHARLESWORTH, Simon Dean61992ConductTo be confirmed
22/09/2014LAMEY, Philip-John51187ConductAdjourned
22/09/2014ATLAS, Boris85404ConductTo be confirmed
22/09/2014MURGAI, Gulshan Kumar79910ConductTo be confirmed
18/09/2014HULBERT, Kirsty Maureen151366ConductTo be confirmed
17/09/2014SLEE, Anthony Frederick52331Interim OrdersConditions
17/09/2014CANN, Brian141729Interim OrdersNo order
16/09/2014GOW, Andrew Robertson190887Interim OrdersSuspended
16/09/2014PADUCEL, Dana Ileana143289Interim OrdersConditions
16/09/2014AL NAGEIM, Yassier227010Interim OrdersConditions
15/09/2014SMITH, Nigel James59760PerformanceNot impaired
15/09/2014VIERU YORK, Dana Rozalia143471ConductTo be confirmed
15/09/2014HUSSAIN, Kazi Shahkir81434ConductConditions
15/09/2014JAMALI, Nisreen86173ConductTo be confirmed
15/09/2014HOWARTH, Christopher Ronald125386Interim OrdersNo order
12/09/2014NARENDRANATH, Rajesh 83942Interim OrdersSuspended
12/09/2014SINJAB, Mohmed Aiman107357Interim OrdersConditions
12/09/2014RICHARDSON, Timothy Noel66628Interim OrdersSuspended
12/09/2014WEST, Emma Louise159976ConvictionErased
12/09/2014DEVENNY, Sarah203391Interim OrdersConditions
12/09/2014SHARPE, David John51405Interim OrdersSuspended
12/09/2014POURREZAEI AKHLAGHI, Ali Asghar102897Interim OrdersNo order
11/09/2014AGHAEI, Khosrow75287Interim OrdersSuspended
11/09/2014MURPHY, Christine142440Interim OrdersConditions
11/09/2014BUDAI, Zsolt224154Interim OrdersConditions
11/09/2014NASERI, Arash100202Interim OrdersNo order
11/09/2014CHRISTIE, Jill72218HealthConditions
11/09/2014PARRY-JONES, Hugh Sinclair46435Interim OrdersNo order
11/09/2014PATEL, Shailesh Kumar54966Interim OrdersNo order
11/09/2014FARR, Peter Gordon 63638Interim OrdersNo order
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