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Hearings & appeals list

Hearings and appeals list

In the table below you can see upcoming, current, and past hearings. Registration and continuing professional development appeals are also listed.

Click on a hearing to find out more information about it. You can filter the lists by hovering over the name of the column you want to filter by, clicking on the arrow when it appears, and selecting the item you are looking for.

Erasures, suspensions and conditions normally take effect 28 days after the date of the hearing. For the current registration status of a dental professional, please check our online Registers.

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Upcoming hearings

04/11/2014HAYWARD, Joseph Richard Tudor48028DentistConduct
04/11/2014STEWART, John Saggar63349DentistConduct
04/11/2014D'Eathe, Paul Andrew61748DentistConduct
27/10/2014WALKER, Katie125592Dental nurseConduct
27/10/2014ZERAI, Smret77799DentistConduct
24/10/2014THOMPSON, David154715Dental technicianConduct
23/10/2014GEORGE, Justin154149DentistConduct

Past hearings

23/10/2014GEORGE, Justin154149ConductTo be confirmed
22/10/2014LLEWELLYN, Karl John 145429ConductTo be confirmed
21/10/2014EDWORTHY, Susan Janice51752ConductTo be confirmed
20/10/2014PADUCEL, Dana Ileana143289ConductTo be confirmed
20/10/2014SUKARIA, Fadi100999ConductTo be confirmed
20/10/2014BUTT, Mohammed Waqas81216ConductOrder revoked
20/10/2014STREET, Barry Leo158337ConductSuspended
20/10/2014KAMMONEN, Seija Anneli72607ConductTo be confirmed
16/10/2014TERMEH BAF SHIRAZI, Kaveh244473ConductSuspended
15/10/2014CANNON, Aimee Dawn160476Interim OrdersSuspended
15/10/2014KHAMOUSHI, Kayhan78420Interim OrdersConditions
15/10/2014HANNA, Paulo Adel81528Interim OrdersConditions
15/10/2014CULLEN, Francis Malachy172972Interim OrdersSuspended
15/10/2014DAVENHILL, William66798Interim OrdersNo order
15/10/2014UTA, Carmen Oana110191Interim OrdersSuspended
14/10/2014SOTIROPOULOU, Athanasia230295Interim OrdersConditions
13/10/2014BAMGBELU, Abiodun Olayinka69238ConductTo be confirmed
13/10/2014KUMAR, Raj65016ConductTo be confirmed
13/10/2014COX, Hilary134852ConductErased
10/10/2014NARENDRANATH, Rajesh83942ConductErased
10/10/2014BRADSHAW, Gerard Francis75845Interim OrdersConditions
09/10/2014GEISS, Morgan KristineRegistration AppealAppeal granted
08/10/2014MARINO, Vincenzo F112936Interim OrdersNo order
07/10/2014STEIER, Liviu100268ConductAdjourned
07/10/2014GOSSIEL, Sarah126006CPD AppealAppeal dismissed
07/10/2014HUGHES, Eleri Sian123619CPD AppealAppeal dismissed
06/10/2014KWEYAMA, Bernice Lindiwe170853ConductErased
03/10/2014BURGER, Johan66848Interim OrdersNo order
03/10/2014RAHMANY NEJAD, Ali-Reza180952Interim OrdersConditions
03/10/2014XENIDOU, Evangelia84448Interim OrdersConditions
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