ORE results

 ORE results

The distribution of the overall results for each ORE exam are posted below as PDF documents. These are posted after candidates have been informed of their individual results. 

Part 1 

  April 2015 Part 1.pdf (165KB, PDF)
 August 2014 Part 1.pdfAugust 2014 Part 1.pdf (245KB, PDF) 

 April 2014 Part 1.pdfApril 2014 Part 1.pdf (246KB, PDF)

August 2013 (247KB, PDF)

April 2013 (164KB, PDF)

September 2012 (163KB, PDF)

April 2012 (729KB, PDF)


April 2011 (172KB,PDF)
ResultsSeptPart1.pdfSeptember 2010 (252KB, PDF)
OREresultsPt1April2010.pdfApril 2010 (43KB, PDF)
OREPart1ResultsSept09.pdfSeptember 2009 (252KB, PDF)
OREPart1ResultsMarch091.pdfMarch 2009 (253KB, PDF)
OREPart1ResultsSeptember08.pdfSeptember 2008 (251KB, PDF)
OREPart1ResultsJuly08.pdfJuly 2008 (252KB, PDF)
March 2008 (251KB, PDF) 
OREPart1ResultsJan08.pdfJanuary 2008 (253KB, PDF)
OREPart1ResultsSept08.pdfSeptember 2007 (255KB, PDF)

Part 2

May 2015.pdf (160KB, PDF)
April 2015.pdf (160KB, PDF) 
January 2015.pdfJanuary 2015.pdf (380KB, PDF)
November 2014.pdfNovember 2014.pdf (244KB, PDF)
July 2014 Part 2.pdfJuly 2014 Part 2.pdf (243KB, PDF)
May 2014.pdfMay 2014.pdf (244KB, PDF)
March 2014.pdfMarch 2014.pdf (244KB, PDF)
 January 2014.pdfJanuary 2014.pdf (244KB, PDF)
December 2013.pdfDecember 2013.pdf (157KB, PDF)
November 2013 (245KB, PDF)
September 2013 (245KB, PDF)
July 2013 (245KB, PDF)
May 2013 (159KB, PDF)
April 2013 (159KB, PDF)
January 2013 (159KB, PDF)
December 2012 (158KB, PDF)
 November 2012 (158KB, PDF)
September  2012 (159KB, PDF)
July 2012 (157KB, PDF)

May 2012 (157KB, PDF)

March 2012 (157KB, PDF)

 April 2011 (253KB PDF)
January 2011 (160KB, PDF)  
ResultsDec2010Part2.pdfDecember 2010 (245KB, PDF)
ResultsNov2010Part2.pdfNovember 2010 (245KB, PDF)
ResultsSept2010Part2.pdfSeptember 2010 (245KB, PDF)
OREResultsPart2July2010.pdfJuly 2010 (38KB, PDF)
ResultsanalysischartPart2May2010.pdfMay 2010 (245KB, PDF)
Apr2010Part2results.pdfApril 2010 (245KB, PDF)
Jan2010Part2resultschart.pdfJanuary 2010 (245KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsNovember09.pdfNovember 2009 (246KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsSeptember09.pdfSeptember 2009 (246KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsJuly09.pdfJuly 2009 (246KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsApril09.pdfApril 2009 (246KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsJanuary091.pdfJanuary 2009 (246KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsNovember08.pdfNovember 2008 (246KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsOctober08.pdfOctober 2008 (245KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsSeptember091.pdfSeptember 2008 (245KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsMay2008.pdfMay 2008 (245KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsApril091.pdfApril 2008 (245KB, PDF)
March 2008 (171KB, PDF)
OREPart2ResultsJan091.pdfJanuary 2008 (246KB, PDF)