Continuing professional development
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CPD for dental professionals

Dental professionals have a duty to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

A primary qualification is only the first step in their education and development which should last throughout their professional life. 

We require all registrants to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain their registration. This is because we believe CPD makes a contribution to supporting registrants to maintain our Standards and to patient protection. 

Anyone intending to restore to the GDC’s registers in the future must also keep doing CPD because they will be required to show evidence of it if they seek to restore.

CPD for dentists and DCPs is defined in law as activity which contributes to their professional development and is relevant to their practice or intended practice.

All registrants should read and become familiar with our CPD requirements set out in Continuing professional development for dental 
 in the context of the Standards.

Revised CPD guidance

We have recently revised our CPD guidance to ensure it remains consistent with the new Standards for the Dental Team. We have also taken the opportunity to merge the CPD guidance into one booklet and refresh the layout and format.
The revised CPD guidance does not introduce any new requirements for registrants. Read our Q&A document to learn more about why we revised our CPD guidance booklet and see the article in the 2013 Summer Gazette.