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 Our Council


It is the Council's job to ensure the GDC carries out its core functions efficiently and in ways that ensure the safety of patients. It is responsible for setting the strategy and direction of the GDC and ensuring that all major decisions are in line with the strategy, taking major policy decisions, and ensuring and monitoring financial integrity. The Council from 1 October 2013 is made up of 12 Council members.

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 Staff and associates


The Council is supported by the executive (staff), headed up by the Chief Executive and Registrar Evlynne Gilvarry. We also employ Fitness to Practise panel members to work in our complaints process and education inspectors to carry out our quality assurance programme.

Executive management team
Director for Scotland
Fitness to Practise panel members
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 Our performance


Our performance is monitored in a number of ways, including quarterly reports to Council and independent reports from the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care
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 Finding out more


We have a wealth of information available about our work, including corporate publications, Council papers, press releases and research.

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 Policy development


We have a number of policies under review or development. We regularly run consultations and carry out research to ensure we have taken into account the views and experiences of stakeholders.

Annual Retention Fee policy
Continuing assurance
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 Our work


We register qualified dental professionals, set and enforce standards of dental, practice and conduct, protect the public from illegal practice, assure the quality of dental education and investigate complaints.

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Standards for the Dental Team
Illegal practice of dentistry
Quality assuring education
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